Fact check: Ghana is not offering money, land to lure Black Americans

Claim: Ghana, in a pitch to Black Americans, offers money, land to Americans to escape ‘deadly’ racism

An article appearing in the online publication PopularSuperstars says Ghana is offering Black Americans land and money to Americans to avoid “deadly racism.”

Ghana, located in an area once known as the Gold Coast of Africa, was the hub of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the departure point for slaves bound for America.

Last year, Ghana declared the “Year of Return” to appeal to Black Americans to visit Ghana and become acquainted with the continent of their forefathers. Barbara Oteng-Gyasi, the minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, said the program was a boon to the economy and to the effort to boost Ghana’s tourism industry.

The BBC reported Ghana attracted a number of celebrities in 2019, including model Naomi Campbell, actor Idris Elba, comedian Steve Harvey and American rapper Cardi B.

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