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National Coalition Churches For Reparations Will Launch

September 1, 2020

From The Last Pg of Randall Robinson’s Book: THE DEBT
*As featured on the Breaking Brown YouTube show’s call-in session

In addition to building our case on factual evidence, precedents, and serious scholarship, we would more effectively project our demands upon Washington policymakers were we to launch what is called: A Year of ADOS Presence.


Each coalition church will commit to choose one day of the averaged 130-odd days that the Congress is in session and bring on that day as many ADOS, as you can, to walk the halls of Congress in support of compensation measures designed to close the economic and racial gap between blacks and whites in America.

The Congress, for one year, would never stop seeing our faces, never stop hearing our demands, never be relieved of our presence. *Unlike those who came to America of their own volition, ADOS are underrepresented in the councils of political power and finance. If we are to win our battles, we must fight them with the one asset that we have in abundance: our bodies. This may take creativity in the COVID-19 environment. Let’s get sophisticated in our fight for reparations.

Source * Robinson, Randall. The Debt (p. 247). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. (link)

*ADOS Allies can also assist in our launch of A Year of ADOS Presence, by accompanying us in DC and showing up with ADOS allies on their t-shirts to help strengthen our advocacy and numbers


September 1, 2020