1 Voice Prayer Movement ® is a social justice prayer movement, praying for the poor & oppressed in our cities, state, nation, and world that God’s justice will prevail on their behalf. Concurrently, 1VPM has an emphasis on justice for the descendants of enslaved Black Americans.

In April of 2009, God gave a vision to Cheri L Mills, whereby “1 Voice Prayer Movement ®” (1VPM) was founded. 1VPM’s purpose was to unite churches across racial and denominational lines to pray for our city, state, nation, and world. 1VPM would meet every first Friday at a different host church. With the blessing of her pastor, Rev. Dr. Kevin W. Cosby, at St. Stephen Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, 1VPM had its first prayer movement in November of 2009 at Christ’s Church for Our Community, in Louisville, KY, with Rev. Dr. Frank M. Smith, Jr. serving as the host pastor. Hence, 1VPM has met every first Friday at a different host church since its inception. As a result of the pandemic, 1VPM, now meets via a LIVE prayer webinar the first Friday of each month at 6 PM, ET.