1 Voice Prayer Movement ®

Its Purpose & The Attempted Theft of Its History

1 Voice Prayer Movement ® is a social justice prayer movement, praying for the poor & oppressed in the nations of the earth with a focus on justice for the American Descendants of Slavery.

In April of 2009, God gave a vision to Cheri L Mills, whereby “1 Voice Prayer Movement ®” (1VPM) was founded. 1VPM’s purpose was to unite churches across racial and denominational lines to pray for our city, state, nation, and world. 1VPM would meet every first Friday at a different host church. With the blessing of her pastor, Rev. Dr. Kevin W. Cosby, at St. Stephen Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, 1VPM had its first prayer movement in November of 2009 at Christ’s Church for Our Community, in Louisville, KY, with Rev. Dr. Frank M. Smith, Jr. serving as the host pastor. Henceforth, 1VPM has met every first Friday at a different host church since its inception and is approaching its 12th year anniversary.

Early in its establishment, God would send Rev. Dr. Frank W. Smith, Jr. to serve as the Shepherd of 1VPM.

In addition to the ministry of prayer, for several years, 1VPM led an annual prayer & outreach initiative in connection with Easter whereby several churches in cities across the nation participated.

In 2016, God would narrow the prayer focus of 1VPM to pray for the poor and oppressed throughout the nations of the earth. In 2017, God would narrow the prayer focus even further to pray for justice for the American Descendants of Slavery.

Attempted Theft of Our History

In their book, “Reparations: A Christian Call for Repentance and Repair”, authors Duke Kwon and Gregory Thompson highlight one area where White Supremacy operates — to steal the truth about the history of Blacks and contribute to its erasure. 1VPM experienced this first-hand. In 2019, 1VPM learned that a national prayer initiative, led by several notable white faith leaders, was recently launched using the name, “One Voice Prayer Movement”. A letter was overnighted to the organizers with the request to change the name of their prayer initiative and making them aware that “1 Voice Prayer Movement®” had been in existence since 2009 and cited the national prayer work facilitated by 1VPM. It was shared with them that since the recent launch of their initiative, 1VPM had been experiencing a great deal of confusion as to whether the two programs are related. Their prayer focus was for the election of a U.S. president, and ours was a social justice prayer movement praying for justice for the American Descendants of Slavery.

If the organizers had done due diligence and conducted a simple web search prior to their launch, “1 Voice Prayer Movement®” and information about our prayer work would have been made known to them.

A spokesperson for the organizers of this new prayer movement which had co-opted 1VPM, another notable faith leader, responded through an email that we should have named our website “1VPM” instead of www.makethem1.org and that basically they were keeping the name.

“1 Voice Prayer Movement®” will not be moved and will not be deterred. The National Coalition of Churches for Reparations (NCCFR), which was founded in 2020, is the embodiment of the prayers of “1 Voice Prayer Movement®”, and NCCFR and 1VPM have united for prayer and justice work for The American Descendants of Slavery.